Solid waste forms and applications

Beneficial Use
Class I Composting Facility Registration and Update
  • Download, complete, print and submit with the following required documentation:
    • Registration.
    • Cost estimate for facility closure.
    • Financial assurance documentation.
    • Documentation of local government approval.
Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Commercial Composting Facility Registration and Update 
Composting facility reporting Due March 1 of each year.
If you haven't already registered, or if you have facility information updates, please complete and return this form before completing your annual reporting forms.
Industrial recycling facility registration (Please download to fill out.)
Required for recycling construction and demolition debris and liquid/leachable materials.

Annual recycling facility reporting Due March 1 of each year.
Once the new link opens, click on "Download" to the right of the document information.
Solid Waste User Fee
Be sure you have all of your waste volumes available before starting this form because partially completed forms cannot be saved. Once you've completed and submitted the form, you will receive an email with a copy of the completed form attached.

Do not use a saved form from a previous year. If you need to make revisions to a submitted report or submit quarterly waste volumes for previous years, please contact the SW Data Manager at or (303) 692-6349.
Solid Waste User Fees
Waste volumes reported Fee rates
Vehicles $0.09
Non-commercial vehicles $0.18
Cubic yards $0.35
Tons $1.17
Gallons $1.75
Tons of soil $0.26
Waste grease
  • New registration, change of ownership, or update or correction of registration information.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your certificate of registration and decals, if applicable.
Waste grease annual reporting
Waste tires
WT-1 Waste tire certificate of registration application
 WT-1H Waste tire hauler registration application renewal - please refer to the registration letter sent out to waste tire haulers for further instructions. 
 WT-2 Uniform waste tire manifest 
WT-4 Colorado commercial waste tire hauler annual report Due April 1 of each year
WT-5 waste tire facility annual reporting. Due April 1 of each year.
WT-8 Mobile waste tire processor annual report Due April 1 of each year.​
WT-10 ​Waste tire generator transporting of 9 or fewer waste tires at a time​
Illegal waste tire cleanup