SWAP protection planning template

Using this standardized template, a steering committee can guide groups through the source water protection planning process.
The template was developed and modified by a public process involving a citizens advisory group. We and our partners offer limited consultation with the steering committee in completing the template. The template represents the minimum elements we expect to see in a protection plan.

We will acknowledge source water protection plans that meet the following criteria:

  • A public participation and/or stakeholder interest group is established and recognized.
  • A water supply setting is identified and all groundwater and/or surface water sources are considered in the plan.
  • A water demand/analysis with an associated contingency plan is completed.
  • A source water assessment delineation and protection area is identified and recognized.
  • A contaminant source inventory is completed and verified in the plan.
  • A source water priority strategy and susceptibility analysis is identified and recognized.
  • Source water protection measures and best management practices are outlined.