SWAP protection planning


The main objective of protection planning is to minimize potential contaminate threats to public drinking water supplies. This is achieved throughout the planning process by identifying and implementing “best management practices” that will protect your specific source water area. To aid in this process we provide technical and financial support to community members and public water systems interested in developing source water protection plans. 

 The Protection Planning Process includes:

  • Stakeholder involvement.
  • A steering committee to develop and implement the plan.
  • An inventory of all ground and surface water intakes.
  • Reviewing state source water assessment for potential sources of contamination.
  • An inventory of potential sources of contamination and local issues of concern.
  • A map of outlining the source water protection area.
  • Best management practices that address each of the potential sources of contamination and issues  of possible threats to your source water.
  • A contingency plan to ensure a safe drinking water supply in the event of an emergency.