SWAP assessment report narrative

The source water assessment and protection assessment reports are a brief l overview that evaluates the following:
  • The susceptibility of each water source to potential contaminant sources.
  • The most prevalent and most threatening types of contaminant sources.
  • The vulnerability of each water source. The assessment evaluates both individual and cumulative risks from potential contamination.
  • The total susceptibility rating for each water source in the report indicates the potential cumulative contamination risks to the untreated source water.
  • The total susceptibility rating factors are evaluated for each potential contaminant source, in addition to the size of the source water assessment area.
  • The susceptibility of the water source(s) with similar water sources in Colorado.
  • The susceptibility ratings are designed to help communities evaluate those risks and develop protection measures.
  • Assessment reports  were completed for public water systems that were active in our drinking water database when the project began in March 2001.Its important to note the following: Public water systems and new water sources active after March 2001 weren't evaluated and don’t have a source water assessment report.
  • Public water systems that purchase their drinking water from another public water system won't have a separate assessment. In these cases, the website will take you directly to the water system that sells water to your system.
  • There may be more than one report for your system based on source type (i.e. Groundwater vs. surface water).