SWAP assessment phase

Assessment information
We determine where each public water system's source water comes from, what contaminant sources potentially threaten it and how susceptible each water source is to potential contamination. The susceptibility of a water source is determined by examining the properties of its physical setting and potential contaminant source threats.
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Find your public water system's report:

  • The report doesn't contain if a contamination problem has occurred or will occur.
  • The results aren't a reflection of the current quality of the untreated source water, nor are they a reflection of the quality of treated drinking water.
  • The report is just a starting point for systems to evaluate potential contaminant risks and move towards source water protection. Systems have identified some previous data inconsistencies and are encouraged to update contaminant concerns through source water protection planning.
  • Search for reports using name or last 6 digits of PWS ID. Reports are also listed by county