Supplemental Environmental Projects

Submit an SEP idea
We accept project ideas from interested third parties to be included in our internal Supplemental Environmental Project idea database. Project ideas are kept for consideration in future enforcement cases.
All project ideas are screened for compliance with our project policy and there are no guarantees that any project will be selected. If a regulated entity is interested in funding a specific project idea, we'll contact the entity proposing the idea and may request a full project proposal form with additional project details.
When a regulated entity is found to be in violation of environmental regulations, we may assess a monetary penalty or fine. If the facility agrees to implement a Supplemental Environmental Project, it might be eligible to mitigate a portion of the penalty. 
Department SEP policies
We issued our revised Supplemental Environmental Project Policy in May 2008. This policy is intended to be an integral part of each environmental division’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Policy and procedures.
Local government penalty policy
All local governments are required to fully comply with state statutes and regulations we administer. However, in recognition of the unique constraints experienced by counties and municipalities, we've developed the Agency-wide Policy on Settling Administrative and/or Civil Penalties Against Eligible Governmental Entities to provide guidance to department staff to achieve consistency in responding to noncompliance by counties and municipalities.