"Sweet" Tools to Advance Equity

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The Office of Health Equity created these tools as a resource for government agencies, non-profit organizations and community based organizations. 

Checking Assumptions to Advance Equity - These questions are intended to ensure users are on a path to advance equity by reviewing how an action or decision might impact the health & environment of groups of people most likely to suffer preventable adverse consequences. By checking our assumptions in a variety of contexts, we hope to avoid unintentionally perpetuating inequities.

Authentic Community Engagement to Advance Equity- These questions are intended to help users thoughtfully engage with communities, and avoid unintentionally perpetuating inequities. 

Framing Data to Advance Equity - These tips are intended to help professionals who work with population data, and spark ideas about using data tell the full story.

Measuring Performance to Advance Equity - These tips are intended to help measure whether or not an agency, program or project is creating conditions for equitable outcomes.

Designing Program Evaluation to Advance Equity - These tips are intended to help in designing program evaluation questions and tracking population-level data over time.

Equitable Hiring and Retention Guides - Available on the Colorado Equity Alliance website.


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