Specialty care clinics

HCP works in collaboration with Regents of the University of Colorado and local public health agencies in Colorado to provide access to pediatric specialty care for children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN) and their families living in rural counties in Colorado where pediatric medical specialists are least available.
The pediatric specialists who come to clinics:  
  • provide specialty care for neurology, orthopedics, and rehabilitation medicine.
  • collaborate with local primary care providers and model a medical home team approach.
Find an HCP specialty clinic near you
Contact the child’s primary care provider to receive a referral, or contact an HCP clinic coordinator or public health nurse from the list below for help with getting a clinic referral.
What to expect
  • Attending an HCP Specialty Clinic is an opportunity for a child or youth with special health care needs to see a pediatric specialist in a rural community without traveling to a large urban area. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about a child’s care, medication, day-to-day concerns and possible resources.
  • HCP Specialty Clinics reduce barriers to families, such as cost, lost work or school time, and travel. 
  • In some cases, families may be asked to pay a clinic support fee for an HCP Specialty Clinic visit. The fees provide financial support to contracted local public health agency host sites to help offset expenses related to coordinating clinics.
  • The HCP Specialty Clinic coordinator is responsible for charging families according to a sliding fee scale.
  • Families and HCP Specialty Clinic coordinators should be aware of the following guidelines:
    • Fees are in addition to any co-pays or deductibles that may be collected by University Physicians Inc.
    • Fees aren’t charged to families whose child/youth is enrolled in Medicaid.
    • Fees are assessed based on a self-report of household income.
    • If a family refuses to self-report income, a $100 maximum fee for each clinic will be charged
    • A family who has more than one child seen in clinic will be charged a clinic support fee for each child seen that day.
    • Families shall not be denied services for inability to pay any of the sliding fee charges.
    • Sliding scale fees are based on Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
Insurance coverage 
  • CU Medicine (f/k/a University Physicians Inc. or UPI) may bill Medicaid, CHP+ and private insurance companies for the clinic visit.
  • CU Medicine may also bill families for HCP Specialty Clinic according to the following guidelines:
    • If CU Medicine bills Medicaid, CHP+ and/or private insurance companies:
      • CU Medicine must accept Medicaid/CHP+ payment as full reimbursement.
      • CU Medicine may bill a family with private insurance for any co-pay due or when an insurance payment is denied because the deductible has not been met.
        • Families may be responsible for their co-pay and/or deductible and should make payment directly to CU Medicine.
  • Patients unable or unwilling to obtain their own insurance (identified as "self pay") will not be billed unless the family and the pediatric specialist agree before services are rendered on payment plans based on the family's ability to pay. This should be documented at the time of visit.
  • CU Medicine may choose not to bill families and, if so, will receive no further compensation.