Specialty APENs

Listed below are operations for which you should submit the Specialty Air Pollutant Emission Notice instead of the General Air Pollutant Emission Notice.  Specialty APENs are designed to report detailed, source-specific information.  
Use the specialty APEN to:
  • Report a new or existing business or operation
  • Complete a routine (five-year) APEN renewal 
  • Request a permit modification
  • Report changes in emissions, production or equipment 

Please complete all applicable information on the form.  

Submit the relocation notice form under these conditions: 
  • At least 10 days before relocation of an air curtain device.
  • If an air curtain device is relocated to another section or more than 4 miles within a county, or to a different county than permitted.
Use this form to report boilers, hot oil heaters, process heaters, and similar equipment.
Calculate your emissions for boilers rated under 100mmBtu:

Crushers and screens -Form APCD-221

Calculate your emissions: 

Calculate your emissions:
Use this form to report any of the following grain handling activities from receiving, shipping, storage, cleaning, milling, grinding, handling (headhouse, elevators, conveyors), drying, flaking, cooling.

 This form should be used for: 

  • Large grain elevators and feed mills.
  • Pet food manufacturing plants.
  • Food/beverage processing plants that handle grain. 
More information:
  • You also can use this form for various other activities involving excavation, grading, paving, etc. 
  • Don’t use this form for sources that will operate for an indefinite period. 
  • You don't need to submit the form if the project involves fewer than 25 acres AND will last less than six months. 
  • Guidance document for land development APEN
Note this form is for sand and gravel pits and surface coal mines.  The crusher and screen APEN below should be used to report crushing, screening or other equipment operating at the site.
Reciprocating internal combustion engines (RICEs)

Diesel engines that are subject to the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS)- 40 CFR Subpart 60 NSPS IIII must submit the following APEN addendum form with form APCD-233 (this is only required for initial applications and AOS permanent replacements, for affected engines; this is not required for modifications or APEN Updates):

Calculate your emissions:

Surface Coating and Solvent Usage operations- Form APCD-226