Smoking Vehicle Hotline

The Smoking Vehicle Hotline program is designed to identify smoking vehicles and give owners information that will encourage them to voluntarily make needed repairs. 
Report a smoking vehicle 
Email the Smoking Vehicle Hotline:
  • Please include the vehicle's license plate number and, if possible, whether it is gasoline- or diesel-powered.
  • We’ll then send a Smoking Vehicle Notification to the address that appears on the vehicle's registration. 
  • Repairs are required if a vehicle fails a mandatory emissions test because of a visible smoke problem.
    • The cause of such smoke must be corrected before the required emissions sticker can be issued.
  • A police officer may stop a smoking vehicle, issue a ticket and order the owner to make repairs.
    • Colorado law provides for fines of up to $100 (CRS 42-4-314, 412, 413).
    • Some municipalities may impose additional fines for operating a smoking vehicle.