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  • The next smoke stakeholder meeting, open to everyone, is on Tuesday, September 13, 09:00 - 11:00.  Attend in person at CSFS’ District office’s conference room, 1504 Quaker Street in Golden, or call Pat McLaughlin ahead of time at 303 692-3244 for the conference call numbers. (8/16)
  • By September we plan to be recruiting for a field liaison.  If you may be interested, call our supervisor, 303 692-3255, and/or watch for an Environmental Protection Specialist at the Department of Public Health and Environment.  We anticipate that wildland qualifications will be required.  A remote duty station may be possible. (8/16)
  • The comprehensive program manual has been updated and posted again.  If you wonder about the what, why or how for any detail related to the smoke management program, it may be in here.  (8/16)
Including forecasts and monitoring


Procedures guideoverview for fire management officers.  It includes site inspection expectations and "big league" burn programs.

Program manual, a comprehensive FAQ (plus not-so-frequently asked questions)