Small business ombudsman

Many small businesses may not fully understand environmental regulations or may not have the resources to hire someone to assist them in understanding compliance requirements. The Small Business Assistance Program was created to help with compliance support, education, outreach and advocacy at no cost to the business.

The program is available to answer questions you may have regarding environmental issues. Its focus is on compliance assistance (multimedia), with an emphasis on pollution prevention opportunities to get small businesses out of the regulatory loop or into a less burdensome regulatory process. The program's services are always free and confidential.

We also work with communities to address environmental concerns through the enactment of legislation; new regulation proposals; issuance of executive orders, policies and/or other directives; advisory committees composed of diverse stakeholders; and the implementation of various management measures.


Who is eligible for assistance?

To qualify for assistance, the business must have fewer than 100 employees, release fewer than 50 tons or more per year of any regulated pollutant, and release fewer than 75 tons per year of any combination of regulated pollutants.


What kind of assistance can I receive?

  • Telephone assistance: Most regulatory questions can be answered over the phone.
  • On-site technical assistance visits to help determine what you need to do to be in compliance.
  • Source-specific compliance fact sheets and guidance documents.
  • Assistance to small businesses in understanding the regulations, calculating air emissions and filing the appropriate forms.
  • Workshops for a business or industry to help understand regulatory compliance and pollution prevention.
  • Mediation services, support and representation to resolve problems related to regulatory requirements and financial resources.


If you're interesting in utilizing this service, please contact:

(303) 692-2135