Small Business Assistance Program

NOTICE: If you are in search of information for small business "loans" please visit the Small Business Administration website for Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources. In an effort to help small businesses navigate recent changes, the National SBEAP website now has a COVID-19 page.
Air Pollution Control Division - Small Business Assistance Program 
Many small businesses may not fully understand environmental regulations and may not have the resources to hire an environmental specialist. We provide free support, education, outreach and advocacy to help small businesses achieve and maintain compliance with environmental regulations.
  • To qualify for assistance as a small business, the business must:
    • Have fewer than 100 employees.
    • Release less than 50 tons per year of any regulated pollutant.
    • Release less than 75 tons per year of any combination of regulated pollutants.
We can answer your questions about environmental compliance issues. We provide multimedia compliance assistance with an emphasis on air emission reporting and permitting requirements. 
Permitting and compliance guidance for specific business types
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Information and resources for the cannabis industry to become more eco-friendly.
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Information and resources for making craft breweries more environmentally conscious.
The Small Business Development Network and Business Assistance Center provide resources for people looking to start a new business.
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