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All school online training courses and webinars are now available in COTrain.
A. Colorado School Rules and Regulations Training, CO Train course ID 1057294.
B. Roadmap to School Inspections, CO Train course ID 1080452.
C. Healthy School Environment, CO Train course ID 1080400.
D. Managing School Chemical Waste, CO Train course ID 1080396.
E. Understanding Ventilation in School Science, Art, and Vocational Classrooms, CO Train course ID 1080397.
F. School Inspector's Guide to Radon Testing, CO Train course ID 1084362.
G. School Self Certifications for Local Public Health Agencies, CO Train course ID 1085494

If you're a teacher and you are requesting continuing education units (CEU) for any of these webinars, or if you have questions, you can contact us at the email address below.