SBAP Compliance Advisory Panel

The 1990 federal Clean Air Act amendments require each state to form a Compliance Advisory Panel to monitor the effectiveness of the Small Business Assistance Program.
Its role is to:
  • Provide information to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Small Business Ombudsman about the state Compliance Advisory Panels and environmental issues affecting small business.
  • Disseminate information between the Small Business Ombudsman and the state Compliance Advisory Panels.
  • Review existing and proposed EPA rules affecting small businesses.
  • Help the states with the formation and function of Compliance Advisory Panels.
The panel is appointed by the Legislature and consists of at least seven members who review, assist and advise Colorado's Air Quality Small Business Assistance Program. The statutes define the panel’s mission and tend to be written in general terms to allow flexibility from state to state in how the panel interacts with the Small Business Ombudsman and the Small Business Assistance Program.
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