Running a trauma program

Running a trauma program
Individualized consultation
Whether you’re a new trauma nurse coordinator trying to figure out where to start or a veteran trauma nurse coordinator looking for additional resources, our Trauma Program staff is available to help. Please contact us to:
  • Request a free individualized consultative visit.
  • Discuss questions you have about the application.
  • Obtain sample policies.
  • Receive assistance to strengthen performance improvement processes.
  • Receive advice on implementing recommendations made during your site survey.
Billing for trauma team activations
  • Your facility can bill for trauma team activations when patients are brought there by EMS.
    • You can’t bill for activations that occur for walk-ins or clients who come in by private vehicles.
  • You should bill for trauma team activations because trauma patients require an intensive level of resources, evaluation and treatment.
  • The trauma activation fee is in addition to the emergency department fee.
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have issued billing codes and instructions for billing trauma team activations. Find section "1.B.10" in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Manual.
    • The links below are to the relevant Medicare Claims Processing Manual and a Medicare Learning Network Matters publication addressing trauma activation billing.
    • The National Foundation for Trauma Care has issued an FAQ about trauma codes.