RREO grant projects for fiscal year 2015

Below is a list of final reports submitted by all FY2015 grantees. Final reports provide an overview of the project as well as explain the successes, obstacles, and outcomes. We released two Requests for Applications for the FY2015 grant cycle. The first set of projects emphasize general infrastructure development for all types of waste diversion activities. The second set of projects emphasize end-market development for recycled materials. 
Waste Diversion Infrastructure Development Projects
Clean Valley Recycling (view final report
Project title: Clean Valley Recycling Expansion Project
Award: $29,790
Geographic area: Otero, Bent, Kiowa, Prowers Counties
Clean Valley will expand its hub and spoke recycling model in two ways: by bringing services into additional communities (Crowley, McClave and Eads) and by accepting greater quantities of recyclable materials (specifically, cardboard, plastics and glass). Equipment and supplies purchased with grant funds will increase Clean Valley’s processing capacity. 
Clear Intentions (view final report
Project title: Clear Intentions Hub-and-Spoke Glass Recycling
Award: $250,000
Geographic area: Front Range
The Clear Intentions will establish a new waste diversion program focused on capturing a minimum of 25% of glass resources currently being discarded in Colorado landfills. Its objectives are to enhance the financial viability of recycling in underserved rural communities by increasing the volume of collected glass from bottles, containers and windows. Grant funding will be used to acquire needed equipment for a glass processing 'hub' in Denver.
Discover Goodwill of Southern and Western Colorado (view final report
Project title: Retail Support Center Recycling Expansion
Award: $279,000
Geographic area: Colorado Springs and region
Discover Goodwill will establish a Retail Support Center that will reduce material donation waste from 28.8% to 15% or by 2,889 tons through additional sorting and recycling. Specifically, Goodwill will add the capability to recycle glass and plastics #1- #7. The RSC will provide 21 employment positions for individuals with disabilities and disadvantages.
Lake County (view final report)
Project title: Lake County Recycling Initiative: Access and Economic Sustainability
Award: $165,498
Geographic area: Lake County
The goal of this project is to triple the amount of recycling accomplished in Lake County and create a sustainable revenue stream for recycling services in the future by (a) providing increased access to recycling at two drop-sites, (b) increasing Lake County’s ability to store and process material and (c) providing the institutional and educational support needed to make increased access a long-term economic success.
Southwest Colorado Council of Governments (view final report
Project title: Southwest Colorado Waste Study
Award: $46,245
Geographic area: Four Corners region
The Southwest Colorado Council of Governments (SWCCOG) proposes a regional strategy for diverting MSW recyclables that both builds on existing programs and establishes a solid foundation for the future. The SWCCOG will utilize grant funding to build this strategy by 1) establishing a design basis for a regional hub-and-spoke recycling system, 2) developing public/private partnerships needed to provide recyclables transfer and MRF processing facilities, and 3) identify local policies to drive diversion, provide consistency and create a culture change across the region. A new Southwest Recycling Task Force will foster an all-inclusive process with public, private, and non-profit stakeholders.
Terra Firma Recycling (view final report
Project title: Recycling and Waste Diversion in Las Animas County
Award: $99,333
Geographic area: Las Animas County
Terra Firma Recycling will develop a Hub-and-Spoke recycling network that can potentially serve 16,000 people within a 75 mile radius of Trinidad. Grant funds will purchase equipment and supplies to increase storage capacity, improve processing capabilities, and develop an education and outreach campaign. 
Twin Enviro Services (view final report
Project title: Twin Enviro Recycling Expansion in Fremont County
Award: $231,006
Geographic area: Fremont County
Twin Enviro Services will use grant funds to purchase a vehicle scale, a baler and a building to house the baler so that Twin may collect, sort and bale curbside recyclables and then transport them directly to market for sale. With the new equipment, Twin will expand its curbside residential recycling routes that were initiated last year, begin cardboard and glass recycling services for commercial customers in Cañon City, Florence, Penrose, Coal Creek, and Williamsburg, and act as a 'Mini MRF/Hub' for fellow small-town single stream recyclers in neighboring low-density areas of Chaffee and Custer Counties.
Yuma County (view final report
Project title: Storage for Electronics Recycling
Award: $5,640
Geographic area: Yuma County
Yuma County will purchase two 8'X40' storage pods and install cement pads with a ten foot apron around each pod to allow for easy access and loading. The pods will hold the electronics collected during community wide events until they can be recycled.
End-market development projects
Project title: Food-Grade Plastics Sorting Facility
Award: $209,000
Geographic area: Front Range
Through a series of successful pilot programs, Recycle Projects has identified plastics approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a target material with the potential to divert up to 1 million pounds per month from landfills along the Front Range. Recycle Projects will develop a plastics sorting and processing facility for FDA-approved postconsumer plastics. The goal is to make Colorado a technology leader and a national source for FDA-approved polypropylene regrind.
Spring Back Colorado (view final report
Project title: Building Capacity to Recycle Mattress Byproducts
Award: $192,495
Geographic area: Front Range
Spring Back Colorado will develop end-markets for byproducts from their mattress recycling program that have little market value. Two new programs will create 9 FTE jobs for a disenfranchised workforce, one to manufacture dog beds and the other to use mattress components from their existing demanufacturing process to build new mattresses. Grant funds will be used to purchase the supplies needed to construct dog beds and to remanufacture new mattresses. A new box truck will also be purchased to ship these new products to retailers and customers.
Waste-Not Recycling (view final report)
Project title: Disruptive Innovative Technology: Waste to Product in Colorado
Award: $933,209
Geographic area: Weld County, Statewide
Waste-Not Recycling will use proven technology developed in Europe to process various mixed plastics as feedstock for manufactured sheets that offer an alternative to products such as plywood and OSB as well as virgin plastic sheet. Initially Waste-Not will produce 4’x8’ sheets. With additional molds the process can produce a wide variety of products. This process will offer Colorado recyclers a new market for #1-#7 plastic containers, plastic toys, e-waste plastic, hangers, boot grind, grocery bags, scrap carpet, rigid and bulky plastics and more.