RREO grant projects for fiscal year 2014

Below is a list of final reports submitted by all FY2014 grantees. Final reports provide an overview of the project as well as explain the successes, obstacles, and outcomes. 

Archuleta County (view final report
Project title: Hub-and-Spoke Recycling Equipment and Implementation Program
Award: $136,379
Geographic area: Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County
Archuleta County will create a comprehensive Hub-and-Spoke recycling program. Through this grant, the County will expand and develop their recycling facility as follows; 1) purchase and install a horizontal baler with above ground conveyer belt; 2) upgrade infrastructure to the existing recycling center by adding three-phase electricity, a concrete slab, and a shelter for the baler; 3) purchase a skid-loader to move and load bales; and 4) provide educational recycling programs in Archuleta County, Pagosa Springs, and the surrounding area. These activities will help the County realize efficiencies in its existing recycling program. 

Clean Valley Recycling (view final report
Project title: Clean Valley Hub-and-Spoke
Award: $65,700
Geographic area: La Junta, Rocky Ford, and surrounding areas
Clean Valley Recycling will establish a hub-and-spoke model for southeastern Colorado. This project will add two drop-off locations in the region and increase the amount and types of materials collected for recycling. Clean Valley will improve their capacity to process material through the purchase of a horizontal baler and sorting line. Grant funds will also be used to market their recycling program (brochures, website development, etc.). 

Goodwill Industries of Denver (view final report
Project title: Recycle Expansion Project
Award: $220,000
Geographic area: Front Range region
Goodwill of Denver operates 27 retail stores and 18 donation sites that collect donations and recyclable materials from the public. To minimize the amount of materials that go to the landfill, Goodwill Denver will purchase equipment (conveyor, forklift, and bins) and will increase staffing to implement a three prong approach: 1) to sort the contents of each box truck before they travel to the landfill; 2) to place recycling bins throughout rural and underserved areas of Goodwill Denver’s territory; and 3) to increase electronics recycling without charging a fee to the public. Goodwill Denver will divert 2,700 tons annually from Colorado’s landfills, and instead recycle or reuse these materials. 

Green Sheen Paint and Design (final report pending)
Project title: Developing Sustainable Infrastructure and Jobs in the Paint Recycling Industry
Award: $149,850
Geographic area: Denver, Front Range
Green Sheen Paint and Design will develop a network of drop-off and retail outlets for recycled paint through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity ReStores. This will significantly expand the infrastructure necessary to collect latex paint along the Front Range. Grant funds will be used to purchase equipment for Green Sheen's recycling hub in the Denver area to increase paint processing capability. 

Peak Plastics Recycling (view final report
Project title: HDPE Pit Liner Solutions and Expansion of Plastics Reprocessing
Award: $178,293
Geographic area: Denver
Peak Plastics Recycling will establish a recycling facility to process various grades of pit liner, the bulk of which are being exported to other states. Peak Plastics will use grant funds to purchase a baler, shredder, grinder, wash line, and pelletizer to process the liners. This grant project will specifically focus on recycling High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic liners, a material used in the oil and gas industry to control spills at well sites. Peak Plastics hopes to become a central depository and recycler of this material for the entire midsection of the United States, processing 1100 tons of plastic per month. 

Spring Back Colorado (view final report
Project title: Capacity-Building for Mattress Recycling in Colorado
Award: $77,200
Geographic area: Denver

Spring Back Colorado is a social enterprise business that provides employment opportunities for those committed to addiction recovery through the collection, processing, and recycling of old mattresses. Spring Back Colorado will work toward expanding their recycling capacity statewide and building partnerships for material sourcing. Grant funds will be used to purchase a box truck, a baler, and miscellaneous warehouse equipment that will improve operational efficiency.