RREO grant projects for fiscal year 2012

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Below is a list of final reports submitted by all FY2012 grantees. Final reports provide details on the successes, obstacles, and unanticipated outcomes of their project. The report is also intended to be a project overview. 

Baker Sanitation | Blue Star Recyclers | City of Lakewood | Colorado State Fair | Denver International Airport | Denver Public Schools | Kum & Go | Lake County | Martin Marietta Materials | Repsco | Sustainability 

Baker Sanitation (view final report)
Project title: Recycling Project
Award: $95,000
Geographic area: Montezuma County

This for-profit entity will expand recycling service to residents and businesses in the Four Corners region of Colorado. Funds will be used to expand the availability of recycling drop-off centers as well as provide containers and collection service for area businesses to recycle their cardboard and mixed paper. Baker Sanitation will partner with the Four Corners Recycling Initiative to advertise the expanded service and to conduct education and outreach to the community.

Blue Star Recyclers (view final report)

Project title: Vocational Electronics and Recycling Network (VERN)
Award: $89,786.79
Geographic area: Pueblo, Fremont and Otero counties

This for-profit entity will implement an e-waste recycling program in Southern Colorado. Deemed a Vocational and Electronics Recycling Network, or VERN for short, Blue Star will establish partnerships with public agencies in La Junta, Pueblo, and Canon City who serve adults with developmental disabilities and with companies who can collect, stage, and disassemble electronics. As e-waste is collected over time, the partnered companies will use generated revenues to employ people with developmental disabilities who will disassemble and separate electronic components. Funding will predominantly be used to create the collection depots by acquiring space and equipment, advertise the new program, and to defray some of the cost to recycle electronics initially.  


City of Lakewood (view final report)

Project title: Expanding and Upgrading the Quail Street Recycling Center
Award: $62,976
Geographic area: City of Lakewood (Jefferson county)

The city will use funds to improve its existing recycling drop-off center with the addition of a solar-powered cardboard compactor. Funds will also be used to hire a part-time site manager. This project is part of a larger effort on behalf of the city to expand and upgrade the entire site.


Colorado State Fair (view final report)

Project title: Colorado State Fair Recycling Program
Award: $52,650
Geographic area: Pueblo county

This state government entity will implement a more comprehensive recycling program at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. They will procure and install 25 recycling stations for public use at key locations, as well as purchase a new cardboard baler to help reduce hauling costs.


Denver International Airport (view final report)

Project title: Plastic Film Capture and Recycling Program
Award: $21,600
Geographic area: City and County of Denver; DIA property

This government entity will implement a plastic film collection and recycling program at the airport for DIA tenant companies (Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, etc.). This program will divert up to 100 tons of plastic film from the landfill annually. Funds will be used to purchase and install a plastic film baler. 


Denver Public Schools (view final report)

Project title: Piloting Composting at DPS
Award: $27,750
Geographic area: City and County of Denver

This school district will implement a pilot composting program at 15 schools. Funds will be used predominantly to cover the cost of hauling compost. The project will also hire a DPS Compost Coordinator and will purchase a year's supply of compostable bags. DPS plans to sustain the program beyond the life of the grant through student, parent, and teacher group-led fundraisers and through cost savings realized by reduced trash hauling services.


Kum & Go, LLC (view final report)

Project title: Message in a Bottle Recycling Program
Award: $63,140
Geographic area: Colorado Springs and Greeley (El Paso and Weld county)

This for-profit entity will bring a recycling model to three existing vocational rehabilitation centers in Craig, Glenwood Springs, and Greeley by partnering with the Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Aluminum cans and PET plastic bottles will be collected, sorted, and recycled at each center. Kum and Go will partner with the Recycling Association of Minnesota to launch their Message in a Bottle program in Colorado. They will launch the program at 14 Colorado Kum and Go stores with the intention of expanding to other local businesses. Funds will be used predominantly to purchase recycling containers for each of the 14 participating Kum and Go stores, purchase balers and forklifts for each of the three vocational rehabilitation centers, and to hire the Recycling Association of Minnesota as a consultant. 


Lake County (view final report)

Project title: Increasing Lake County Recycling
Award: $159,862
Geographic area: Lake county (city of Leadville)

Lake County, through a partnership with Green Wolf Recycling, will expand recycling service to Lake County residents. Funds will be used to create recycling drop-off centers in three distinct locations, install four smaller collection stations within the City of Leadville, and improve processing capabilities and storage capacity at the local recycling center.  


Martin Marietta Materials (view final report)

Project title: Asphalt Binder Modification with Ground Tire Rubber
Award: $188,750
Geographic area: Weld county (Greeley)

This for-profit entity will purchase equipment that will incorporate ground tire rubber in asphalt, which will allow local transportation districts the opportunity to use tire rubber in future paving projects. More specifically, M3 will purchase a ground tire rubber blending skid, which blends the tire rubber and liquid asphalt cement together to prepare it for end use as hot mix asphalt. M3 will purchase additional equipment to create a full-scale mixing operation at their plant in Greeley. 


Repsco (view final report)

Project title: Repsco/K&M Partnership Project: Plastics Recycling, Processing, Green Jobs and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project
Award: $309,936
Geographic area: City and County of Denver

This for-profit entity, through a partnership with K&M Marketing, will purchase equipment to process HDPE plastics into feedstock for end-use manufacturers. Funding will be used to purchase twelve of the sixteen pieces of equipment needed to create a full-scale plastics processing line. Up to fifteen new jobs will be created once the facility is in operation, which will be filled by graduates of the Mile High Youth Corps.


SustainAbility (view final report)

Project title: Recycling Grants Expansion Project
Award: $18,279
Geographic area: Wheat Ridge (Jefferson county)

This for-profit entity will purchase equipment to improve their existing recycling facility. Specifically, SustainAbility will purchase and install a used cardboard baler and a scale, and provide 200 recycling bins for curbside customer use. They will partner with Parker Personal Care Homes to employ those with developmental disabilities to sort recyclables collected by Go Green’s customers. With grant funding, they plan to expand their customer base so they can hire and sustain two new shift crews. 


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