Rocky Mountain Biomonitoring Consortium

The consortium was formed to apply regional resources to address environmental public health problems in Arizona, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.
  • To implement and expand a regional laboratory-based biomonitoring program to assess the extent and nature of human exposures to environmental toxicants, including estimates of background exposure to naturally occurring and industrial chemicals that have the potential to cause harm, and to help prevent disease resulting from such exposures.
  • Increase regional laboratory capacity to conduct biomonitoring.
  • Support and enhance the collaboration among laboratories, epidemiologists, local public health agencies and other partners within the region.
  • Conduct biomonitoring activities.
  • Complement and support ongoing bioterrorism and chemical terrorism preparedness efforts.
  • Complement and support ongoing environmental public health tracking efforts.
Why biomonitoring is important in the region 
  • The region has a low population density and as a result is often not well represented on national surveys.
  • The region has common demographics, geophysical and environmental characteristics, and has extensive histories of mining and federal military operations.