Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee

We established the Retail Marijuana Public Health Advisory Committee per CRS 25-1.5-110. The committee meets regularly, and all meetings are open for public attendance and comment.
  • Review of the scientific literature currently available on health effects of marijuana use.
  • Judge and openly discuss the science using expert medical and scientific opinion.
  • Come to consensus on population health effects of marijuana use based on current science.
  • Come to consensus on translation of the science into public health messages.
  • Recommend public-health-related policies based on the current science and expert opinion, which will be presented in a final report by Jan. 31, 2015 and every two years thereafter.
  • Identify and prioritize gaps in the science important to public health.
  • Recommend public health surveillance activities to monitor population health effects.
Findings and Recommendations
The Committee’s official report is now a webpage 
Schedule and minutes

The committee consists of up to 15 healthcare professionals, who have expertise in various health speciality  fields and marijuana physiology. All committee members have officially disclosed any financial interest related to the healthcare industry and the regulated marijuana industry. All committee members have been appointed by our executive director.