Renewal of Dewatering General Permits

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December 2019 - Update

The Water Quality Control Division has provided the following draft general permits for public notice and comment:
  • COG080000 - Discharge from short-term construction dewatering activities.
  • COG317000 - Discharges from short-term remediation activities.
  • COG318000 - Discharges from long-term remediation activities.
  • COG603000 - Discharges from subterranean dewatering activities.
  • COG608000 - Discharges to surface water from well development and pumping test activities.
These draft general permits are intended to update or replace the following general permits under the dewatering general permit program:
  • COG070000 - Construction dewatering discharges.
  • COG315000 - Remediation activities discharging to surface water.
  • COG316000 - Remediation activities discharging to groundwater.
  • COG603000 - Subterranean dewatering or well development.
All public comments received during the September – December 2019 public notice period are available for download through the Colorado Environmental Records system.
Margo Griffin