Regulation 9 Rule Revisions

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Regulation 9, Proposed Rulemaking

The Air Pollution Control Division has initiated a stakeholder process to engage stakeholders on potential revisions to the Air Quality Control Commission's Regulation Number 9. 
Potential revisions include: 1) Removing fire safety and control wording from existing language 2) Removing dynamic SMP scores from prescribed fire fee section 3) Clarification regarding emissions modelling in the prescribed fire permitting process 4) Modification of timing for public notification regarding prescribed burns 5) Clarifying materials that may not be burned, adding definitions, and incorporating the Division's policy 6) Removal of language that is no longer applicable or appropriate. A redlined draft with the proposed revisions can be found here
In February 2020, the Division intends to request that the Commission schedule a rulemaking hearing in May 2020. 
Stakeholder Meetings
The Division hosted stakeholder meetings in Denver and Montrose which discussed the proposed revisions and rulemaking process. The presentations from those meetings can be found below:
November 25, 2019 Presentation
December 3, 2019 Presentation
Written Comments
Comments may be sent to - Subject line: Regulation 9 Rulemaking. 
Mailing List
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Please continue to check this web page as we will be updating it throughout the stakeholder process. 
Division contacts:
Scott Landes (Prescribed Fires)
Amber Stowell (Open Burning)