Registration of facilities with radiation machines

R-4 Application for Registration Healing or Non-Healing Arts Facility
Facilities that use radiation machines to expose humans or animals for medical or veterinary purposes are considered Healing Arts facilities. All other facilities are considered Non-Healing Arts.
  • ​​The Healing Arts and Non-Healing Arts forms were combined into one form.
  • A copy of the completed application will be sent to your radiation safety officer as an attachment to email when you click "submit."
Changes to registration information
You must notify us within 30 days when any change is made to your registration information. Use forms R-4 (Application for Facility Registration) and/or R-61 (Status of Radiation Machines) as appropriate.
X-ray machine certification
You must have your X-ray machines certified by a Colorado-approved qualified inspector at the frequency required by the regulations.
Sales, installation and servicing of X-ray machines
All sales, installation and servicing of your X-ray machines must be performed by a Colorado-registered service company. You must maintain copies of all facility and machine certification evaluations, radiation machine purchase and repair documents, and all correspondence with us about your registration.