Register as a Caregiver - Medical Marijuana Registry

All transporting and cultivating caregivers are required to register. 

Steps to register

1.Check eligibility 
To be a caregiver in Colorado you meet the following qualifications:
  • Be 18 or older
  • Be a Colorado resident
  • Not be the patient’s physician
  • Not have your own primary caregiver
  • Not be licensed as a medical marijuana business
2. Watch instructional video
Overview of how to register and use the online system

3. Create an account 
If you already have a patient account, you must create a separate caregiver account with a different username.  

5. Login 
  • Use your temporary password
  • Change your password after you log in 
6. Print your caregiver ID card
Caregiver support
Help with your caregiver registration or caregiver account