Register as a Caregiver - Medical Marijuana Registry

All cultivating and transporting caregivers are required to register with the Colorado Medical Marijuana Caregiver Registry as of January 2017.
Caregivers should provide their caregiver ID number to patients to enter on their application. 

Tips for caregivers
To ensure patient cards are approved with your name on them:

  • Encourage patients to apply online.
  • Talk with patients and share your caregiver registration ID number.
  • Ask patients for their patient registration ID number.
  • Check your email for notifications about caregiver agreements and respond promptly.
  • If a patient applies by mail you must:
    • Give them a copy of your valid Colorado ID.
    • Accept agreements within 24 hours of being notified.  

Cards will be issued without a caregiver if caregiver information is missing or if there is a delay in caregivers accepting the agreement.

We do not hold applications while caregiver agreements are pending.  

Caregiver agreements
Patients initiate caregiver agreements by entering their plant and ounce count and caregiver's registration number on their application. Caregivers are notified of the pending agreement after patients submit their applications.

To accept a caregiver agreement:

  1. Log into your caregiver account 
  2. Select your name
  3. Click on the “Caregiver Agreement” tab
  4. Select the pending agreement 
  5. Choose "yes" 
  6. Click "save"
Types of caregivers
Four different types of caregivers are defined in Colorado Revised Statute 25-1.5-106. Only transporting and cultivating caregivers need to register.
  1. Parents of a minor patient are parents of a patient under age 18.
  2. Advising Caregivers provide advice on the medicinal use of marijuana.
  3. Transporting Caregivers transport marijuana for homebound patients. Only minor and homebound patients can have transporting caregivers.
  4. Cultivating Caregivers grow marijuana on behalf of patients.

Caregiver qualifications

  • 18 or older
  • Colorado resident

  • Not be the patient’s physician

  • Not have your own primary caregiver

  • Not be licensed as a medical marijuana business

A Parent or legal guardian must be designated as a caregiver for patients under the age of 18.

Online system benefits

  • Caregivers have full control of accepting and rejecting caregiver agreements

  • Real-time email notifications for patients and caregivers

  • Caregivers see a list of all patients they serve

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