EMTS grant review schedule

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SEMTAC will review EMTS provider grant applications on May 14 and 15. Two sessions are scheduled each day. Applicants will have the opportunity to answer questions that reviewers may have about their projects. All applicants are highly encouraged to attend their scheduled review session using meeting info at the link below.


SEMTAC Grant review session schedule


SEMTAC grant reviewer assignments

Group A

  • Fernando Gray
  • Pamela Howes
  • Richard Lewis
  • Terri Foechterle
  • Ryan Cook
  • Eric Hill

Group B

  • David Steinbruner
  • Lora Thomas
  • Marc Burdick
  • Stacy Pemberton
  • Ryan Cook
  • Eric Hill

Group C

  • Bruce Evans
  • Kelly Gallegos
  • Keyan Riley
  • Kim Muramoto
  • Tim Dienst

Group D

  • Carol Gould
  • Dawnelle Mathis
  • John McVickler
  • Sean Wood
  • Thomas Davidson
  • Thomas Gronow