Systems change: Recheck the data

This process has four elements:
  1. Plan:
        a. Step 1.
        b. Step 2.
        c. Step 3.
        d. Step 4.
  2. Do.
        a. Step 1.
        b. Step 2.
  3. Study.
Recruiting community clinics
In the “do” portion of this quality improvement initiative, a baseline and needs assessment was completed. To determine the effectiveness of the quality improvement activity in the “do” phase, the clinic and local public health agency should monitor progress made by comparing baseline data and the original needs assessment to mid- or post-intervention data.
  • Example:
During the "do" phase, the LPHA assisted the clinic in its decision-making process to pick a quality improvement initiative. The clinic decided to work on improving its reminder systems, with the goal of improving screening rates. As a result of the nominal group process, the clinic is stamping the FOT-B test with a due date. For the "do" phase, the initiative is being tested only with the patients of one provider.

Compare newly generated data to baseline