Radiation regulations development — Part 17

The Colorado Board of Health approved changes to Part 17 (Transportation of Radioactive Materials) of the Colorado Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Radiation Control, 6 CCR 1007-1, during a rulemaking hearing on June 18, 2014. 
  • This rule became effective Aug. 14, 2014.
  • The primary purpose of this rulemaking was to align the language of the rule with national regulations regarding the transportation of radioactive materials.
The August 2014 rule:
  • Expanded the notification requirements for shipments of nuclear waste.
  • Added definitions and language pertaining to notifications of recognized Native American tribes for shipments of certain materials through tribal lands.
  • Added an exception for (Part 7 medical use) physicians transporting radioactive materials.
  • Corrected minor typographical errors and omissions.
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