QMAP Program Changes

To comply with the newly adopted, revised 6 CCR 1011-1 Chapter 24 Medication Administration regulations, the Residential and Day Programs and the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities QMAP programs are changing. The new Chapter 24 regulations are effective July 1, 2017.
Overview of changes effective July 1, 2017
  • We no longer contract with vendors or individual instructors to provide classes.
  • We will review training curriculum and authorize Approved Training Entities (ATE).
  • Residential and Day Programs (RDP) and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) QMAP students will go through the same training. Employers must provide additional training specific to their needs. 
  • QMAP qualifications will not expire.
  • QMAP qualifications can no longer be revoked.
  • Only Approved Training Entities may provide QMAP classes. An Approved Training Entity may employ as many instructors as they want and provide as many classes as they want.
  • Approved Training Entities set their own class fees. 
  • Instructors that would like to become ATEs must follow the application process.
  • We will publish a list of Approved Training Entities.
  • We will provide online verification of qualified medication administration personnel that are submitted by the training entity. 
  • We will no longer maintain class lists, approved teacher lists, or syllabus information and study materials. 
Verifying QMAP status
Online verification is the only official way to verify QMAP status. Students listed on the QMAP verification site have successfully completed the minimum competency exams. Students are not endorsed or otherwise approved to work independently. Employers must provide additional on-the-job training that focuses on the unique needs of the facility.
Finding an Approved Training Entity
We will post the Approved Training Entity list as they are approved. You will register with the training provider directly.
If you have questions regarding these changes please email cdphe_hfemsd_qmap@state.co.us.