Provider Palliative Care

Palliative Care vs. Hospice Care: Know the difference
Palliative care is specialized health care for people living with a serious illness. This type of care is focused on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of an illness, and it is based on need, not prognosis. The goal is to improve quality of life for both the patient and the family. Palliative care is provided by a specially-trained team of physicians, nurses, and other specialists who work together with a patient’s other doctors to provide an extra layer of support. It is appropriate at any age and at any stage in a serious illness, and it can be provided along with curative treatment (CAPC, 2017). You do not have to stop curative treatment or have a terminal diagnosis to receive palliative care, palliative care is not the same as hospice or end of life care.
When the goal is no longer curative treatment, hospice care focuses on physical, emotional, and spiritual needs including comfort, pain management, and relief of symptoms. Hospice is appropriate for anyone that has a condition that is considered terminal and has a life expectancy of six months or less if their disease or condition runs its normal course. Hospice care focuses on end of life support for patients, families, and caregivers.
Palliative Care resources for providers:
The most recent publication of Clinical  Practice guidelines for Palliative Care Providers from the National Consensus Project.
A statewide collaborative working to eliminate the burden of cancer in Colorado.  The coalition is comprised of task forces, information, and resources for both patients and providers.
Addresses the work the state is doing to reduce the burden of cancer. Palliative Care is addressed under Goal 10.
A national organization committed to advancing quality care for people living with serious illness.  
Aims to improve care for those living with serious illness. Their work focuses on policy and advocacy, state and community organizing, and family caregiver support.
A nonpartisan forum of policymakers across state governments aimed at learning, leading and implementing innovative solutions to health policy challenges
Provides advocacy, education, information and resources, and best practices of care for organizations in Colorado and Wyoming.  
Graduate or certificate program for providers and interdisciplinary professionals in Palliative Care, designed to prepare professionals to meet the needs of patients and families living with serious illness.   
Register here so patients and providers can find the services you offer.
A professional organization aimed at advancing hospice and palliative medicine and improving the care of patients with advanced illness.