Protecting the environment

Use best management practices to reduce environmental impacts, such as:
  • Pollutant runoff into surface water.
  • Odor.
  • Groundwater pollution from nitrate and other contaminants.
Divert runoff away from animal confinement areas, manure stockpiles and wastewater control facilities by: 
  • Constructing ditches, terraces or other waterways.
  • Installing gutters and downspouts to divert roof drainage.
  • Building roofs over animal confinement areas, where practical.
Reduce wastewater discharges to watercourses by: 
  • Collecting and allowing wastewater to evaporate.
  • Collecting and evenly applying wastewater to land application sites at agronomic rates.
  • Locating animal waste away from stormwater runoff, streams, ditches or other channels that can carry waste.
Protect groundwater by: 
  • Maintaining a buffer area around water wells when applying manure and wastewater to land.
  • Locating manure and wastewater facilities downhill and at least 150 feet away from all water supply wells.
  • Installing liners in wastewater impoundments to reduce seepage if a significant risk of groundwater contamination exists.