STI and HIV prevention and care

We help you navigate the prevention, care, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and HIV.
Prevention, Facts, and Testing 
STI Facts and Testing Locations 
The U.S. has the highest rate of STIs in the world. There are roughly 20 million new cases every year. 
Partner Services
Partner Services is a free and confidential program that connects people diagnosed with an STI and/or HIV and their partners to testing, treatment, medical care, prevention, and support services.
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is an FDA-approved, HIV prevention pill for people who are HIV-negative. PrEP is more than 99% effective.
Living with HIV: The Next Steps

There are many programs in the state that assist people living with HIV get what they need from food to housing. Linkage to Care and Case Management are your links to those programs. 
Linkage to Care
Linkage to care is an ongoing process during which professionals help people with a new HIV-positive diagnosis, or HIV-positive people currently out of care, navigate the early stages of treatment.  
Case Management
Case management programs help people living with HIV navigate the world of health service providers. Your case manager is your expert guide. 
Covering the cost of medications

Colorado has some of the best programs that help cover the cost of HIV and PrEP in the nation.
State Drug Assistance Program
The Ryan White State Drug Assistance Program helps people pay for costly HIV medications. 
Public Health Intervention Program
The Public Health Intervention Program helps people pay for PrEP.
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