Preparing products to make them safer for disposal

Disposing of unwanted household chemicals and other products at a household hazardous waste collection event or facility is always the preferred option, but that option isn't available everywhere. The following information may be used to make small quantities of household wastes safer for landfill disposal.*
Medical waste
Commonly found in your home
Commonly found in your garage
*Disclaimer: We shall have no liability or responsibility of any kind to any user, other person or entity as a result of these guidelines. The use of any or all guidance presented is solely at your discretion. This guidance should not be used other than for the specific waste and purpose as presented. If you have mixtures of materials, the procedures described should not be used unless you have a thorough understanding of the chemistry of the materials involved. These guidelines are for wastes generated by households only and may not be used for wastes generated by businesses, schools or government agencies.