Planning and preparedness

Resources for planning, guidance and training
Information on biological and chemical threats, benzene, chlorine, mustard gas, ricin, sarin, VX
Planning guidance, request and receipt protocol, activation flowchart
The Colorado Health Emergency Line for the Public is a toll-free hotline for public heath information during public health events/incidents, manned call center that provides consistent, accurate and up-to-date information
Protective equipment and durable medical supplies for emergency use by health care systems
CICOmaps, vulnerable populations, access and functional needs, Colorado community inclusion and health workgroup, resource library
State Emergency Operations Plan document, information of ESF 8 and 8a
Resources, Colorado Statewide Health Care Coalition Council (HC3), Colorado Health Care Coalition evacuation planning, contact information 
HPP and PHEP funding opportunity announcements and capabilities, contact information
Information about the program, preparedness for kindergarten and first-grade students, contact information 
Resources for public, providers, home care to prepare for an influenza pandemic 
Background, nation and state legal authority, protective actions 
Information on medicine and medical supplies to protect the public during an emergency, Cities Readiness Initiative 
Drought, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages
Programs and training, resources
Information for volunteering in a public health emergency
Regional staff information
Resources for public health related trainings and exercises