PHED Ex Exercise Documents

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Below are the exercise documents for the 2017 Public Health Emergency Dispensing Exercise (PHED Ex).

Exercise Evaluation Guides

These Exercise Evaluation Guides (EEGs) were developed around the three PHED Ex exercise objectives utilizing the 2011 PHEP Capabilities Guidance and the 2017 HPP Capabilities Guidance. In order to simplify the evaluation process, the EEGs combine activities from multiple exercise objectives and capabilities. 

  • Hospital EEG - HPP Capability 2 (PDF) (DOC)
  • Hospital EEG - HPP Capability 3 (PDF) (DOC)
  • Emergency Operations Center/Department Operations Center EEG (PDF) (XLS)
  • Point of Dispensing Site EEG (PDF) (XLS)
  • Regional Transfer Point/Local Transfer Point EEG (PDF) (XLS)

Exercise Plan

The Exercise Plan is designed to be taken and adapted by local agencies. As such, some information, such as exercise schedule, have not been pre-filled. Areas which require review and, if needed, adaptation have been highlighted in yellow. 

Public Information Resources

CDPHE has created the following resources to assist our partners with public information leading up to and during PHED Ex. It is our hope that these are useful tools, but keep in mind their use is optional.


Other Resources