Pueblo Chemical Depot hazardous waste storage permit



Permit No. CO-13-12-23-01 - updated August 2018
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Jeannine Natterman
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  • Pueblo Chemical Depot is a U.S. Army facility that began operations in southeastern Colorado in 1942.
  • Its principal mission was the receipt, storage, issuance, maintenance, and disposal of general supplies and conventional and chemical munitions.
  • The Depot’s current mission includes safe, secure storage and monitoring of the chemical stockpile while protecting the workforce, the public, and the environment; set the conditions for stockpile destruction and prepare for depot closure.
  • Historically, the Depot generated, treated, stored and disposed of hazardous and solid wastes onsite.
  • Waste generated at the facility included, but was not limited to military explosives compounds and solvents, etc.
  • These sites are being investigated and remediated by the U.S. Army Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) environmental restoration program, which is separate from the chemical weapons stockpile disposal program.