Paint stewardship and recycling

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On July 1, 2015 the Architectural Paint Stewardship Act allowed for PaintCare, a non-profit organization, to collect unused paint in Colorado. Unused latex paint is either reused or recycled into new paint. Unused oil-based paint can be used as a fuel source.
Buy the right amount of paint
Download the paint calculator to help estimate how much paint you need to buy 

Find a paint drop-off site
Search for the drop-off location nearest you
Informational video
Disposal of products not accepted by PaintCare
Collection programs for paint thinners, solvents, aerosol cans, lead based paint and other products not recycled through
Frequently asked questions
Pertaining to paint recycling, stewardship, the fee and why unused paint can be problematic
Documents and reports
Explanation and justification for the current reserve balance as of November 2018.
Senate Bill 14-029
State legislation that authorized the statewide paint collection program.

PaintCare plan
How paint collection and recycling works.

PaintCare Annual Report, 2015
First six months of the program, revised 1/14/2017
Paint brands registered in Colorado
Paint brands that have registered to participate in the collection and recycling program
Paint manufacturers registered in Colorado
Paint manufacturers that have registered to participate in the collection and recycling program
Large volume pickups
For residents and some businesses with 200 gallons of paint or more, go to for a free large volume pick-up.