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Colorado’s ozone nonattainment area planning
In 2008, the US Environmental Protection Agency came out with a more strict ozone standard and the Denver Metro/North Front Range was designated as a “Marginal” nonattainment area for this standard in 2012. In 2016, this area was reclassified to a “Moderate” nonattainment area for the same standard. This means that although Colorado’s air quality is getting better, it is not improving quickly enough to meet EPA’s standard. 

Colorado must meet the 2008 ozone standard by 2018 (based on data from the 2015-2017 3-year average). Based on current data, the Denver Metro/North Front Range might not meet the 2008 standard by the 2018 deadline, which could result in the nonattainment area being reclassified to “Serious” by 2019. This would cause major source permitting thresholds for facilities emitting VOC and NOx to drop to 50 tons per year. Currently, there are many factors that are affecting this classification, but we are working with stakeholders and EPA to determine the best path forward and prepare for this potential change. The attainment deadline could be extended by one year because Colorado met the standard for 2017. This deadline could be extended by another year if Colorado meets the standard in 2018. 

The Regional Air Quality Council is looking at control strategy options for the Denver Metro/North Front Range Ozone nonattainment area, such as a fuel strategy, lower VOC consumer products, and voluntary incentives for emissions reductions. The Air Pollution Control Division is engaged in stakeholder processes to determine RACT for major sources of NOx and VOC emissions.  

In 2017 the Air Quality Control Commission adopted revisions to Colorado’s Regulation Number 7 in response to EPA’s Oil and Gas Control Technique Guidelines (CTG). 


Ongoing stakeholder processes .


State and federal oil and gas rules related to ozone 

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