Oil and gas industry air permits


Permit applicants must submit the following information and forms, all located lower on this page:

  • A Construction Permit Application Completeness Checklist: Form APCD-100.
    • Tells you what information is required to submit a complete application.
    • Under some circumstances, certain attachments of the application may be excluded and the application will still be deemed administratively complete.
    • Please follow the instructions on the checklist and the associated guidance document.
  • All Air Pollutant Emission Notice fees with the permit application.
  • Equipment-specific Air Pollutant Emission Notice forms when available: Form Series 200.
  • A Company Contact Information form: Form APCD-101.
  • A Facility-Wide Emissions Inventory form: Form APCD-102.
  • Supporting documentation of emissions calculations.
  • An ambient air impact analysis (unless a Volatile Organic Compound only source). See Air Quality Modeling Guidance for Permits for more information.
  • An Operating & Maintenance Plan form: Form Series 300, if emissions source is synthetic minor or major.
  • A process flow diagram, if more than one emissions point at facility.
  • A Regulatory Analysis. You may opt for us to complete the Regulatory Analysis.
  • A Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) 805 Series Requirements form: Form APCD-105.
Additional fees will apply if a form or notice is submitted without necessary information. 
  • Use only official forms supplied by us. 

Corresponding rules and guidance
Forms to fulfill the Construction Permit Application Completeness Checklist requirements, including forms APCD- 100, APCD-101, APCD-102, APCD-103, APCD-104 and APCD-105
These forms communicate your determination of applicable regulatory requirements (New Source Performance Standard, Maximum Achievable Control Technology, Regulation 7) that apply to the replacement engine.
Forms used to report your emissions and to obtain or modify a permit
Required forms for self-certification, including forms APCD-400 Generic Self-Certification and APCD-401 Self-Certification Timeline
You must submit an Operating & Maintenance (O&M) plan along with the construction permit application. This will let you know what equipment monitoring requirements will apply to the emissions source before it's constructed.
Potential to Emit and crude oil tank guidance and forms
Guides to submitting your analysis as noted in the construction application and contact information for the Technical Services Program