Office of Health Equity

Equity is... 
when everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from has the opportunity to thrive. This requires eliminating barriers like poverty and repairing injustices in systems such as education, health, criminal justice and transportation.
Equity is about...
  • environmental justice
  • creating systems where everyone can thrive
  • health
  • transforming the built environment, as well as our institutions and systems   
Our staff, office functions and history.
Our monthly news providing inspiration and tools for health equity and environmental justice work. We hope you'll join us in changing Colorado's story.

Data Fact Sheets
Data fact sheets that examine inequities across racial and ethnic groups in Colorado, as well as the root causes of these health inequities across sectors. 
This page provides tools, handouts and resources to help you embed equity & justice into your every day work.
When it comes to reporting data on health disparities, data or information may have the opposite effect we hope it does; it can perpetuate negative stereotypes or victim-blaming. To avoid this, CDPHE staff developed a statement on structural inequity.
Colorado Equity Action Guide - ¡Ya! disponible en español
The Office of Health Equity, in partnership with community organizations and other state agencies created a social determinant of health data report that looks at the root causes of inequities across Colorado.
Resources created by the Office of Health Equity to help you apply Health Equity & Environmental Justice to planning, programs, policies, and other processes. 
The Health Disparities Grant Program was created to provide prevention, early detection, and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases to under-represented populations.
Equity Forums
Explore information and materials regarding our past and present equity forums.
Recognizing that equity can only be achieved through partnerships, the Office of Health Equity prioritizes State-Tribal consultations. 
The Health Equity Commission advises the department through the Office of Health Equity on health equity issues, focusing on alignment, education and capacity-building for state and local health programs and community-based organizations.


This is an image of equity vs equality. The top row, equality, shows a woman in a wheelchair, a tall man, a woman and a child all being given the same bicycle and not being able to use it. The bottom row, equity, shows each individual being given the bicycle that matches their need.

Image Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation




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