Water quality - oil and gas and your health

The following links serve as a resource to the public to locate information related to unconventional oil and gas activities. The information on these links do not represent the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environments opinion. The site will be regularly updated. 
University of Colorado Boulder
Colorado Water & Energy Research Center

Resources designed to help water well owners in areas of high oil and gas development
United State Department of Energy
Primer commissioned through the Ground Water Protection Council in effort to provide sound technical information on natural gas resource development activity and environmental protection, including water resources
The Geological Society of America
GSA critical issue: hydraulic fracturing
An overview of the process of hydraulic fracturing of shales and other unconventional sources and related environmental concerns, including water quality and seismicity
United States Environmental Protection Agency
EPA’s assessment of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas and its potential impact on drinking water resources

Read the full draft assessment, currently in public comment and peer review period
UPDATE: Read EPA’s Science Advisory Boards (SAB) Final Assessment 
Fracturing Fluid Information in Colorado
Download a summary of EPA analysis of total volume of water reports to FacFocus 1.0 (2011-2013) for hydraulic fracturing in Colorado
Ground Water Protection Council & Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.
Frac Focus

Well specific information on the composition of ingredients in hydraulic fracturing fluid. This information is disclosed by operators
Raton Basin Water Quality Study
A technical study conducted by EPA on possible drinking water impact in Raton basin
CSU Center for Energy Water Sustainability
Colorado Water Watch

Real time information on the groundwater quality in the DJ basin. The monitoring system is comprised of a network of water quality sensors capable of detecting changes in groundwater quality due to natural or operational impacts
Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
COGCC county water quality analysis reports

Technical Reports and Summaries of COGCC analysis of water quality sampling by County
Sustainability Research Network

A multi-institution sustainability research network and outreach program in Colorado funded by the National Science Foundation.
Colorado State University
CSU Energy Institute

Provides background information on energy related research and collaborations at CSU. Many of the projects are relevant to oil and gas operations in Colorado

Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
Health hazard information on chemicals

Basic FAQ's on health hazards of chemicals