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Financial risk assessment questionnaire

Financial risk questionnaire assessment guidance

The questions on this form allow the department to evaluate if there is potential financial risk associated with awarding grant funds to your organization. This form should be completed and reviewed by Agency staff with the most knowledge of the accounting system and fiscal internal control structure. The form must be reviewed and signed by 2 people from you organization. The questions should be taken in the context of your organization’s previous fiscal year. See below for an explanation for certain questions:
  • Question 1 - Includes your operating budget for the previous year, should not include capital expenses.
  • Question 2 - All state, federal and private grants received within the past year. 
  • Question 4 - FTE - Full Time Equivalent Employees.
  • Questions 14 & 15 - If ‘YES’ is marked on either, please obtain and upload an unlocked PDF of your audit report.
  • Question 16 - GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

Obtain your Secretary of State statement of good standing 

Non-governmental organizations which are granted EMTS grant funds must be in good standing with the State of Colorado. To obtain your organizations' statement of good standing you must:
  1. Type in your organization name.
  2. Find the entry for your organization with a Status of: "Good Standing”.
  3. Click "Get a statement of good standing".
  4. Save and upload the PDF to your grant application.
If you have further questions about either of these documents please contact our EMTS grants coordinator at: