Neighborhood Connects

Three easy steps to recognition:

1. Plan a project
Organize a community or neighborhood action team. Include local businesses and groups. Develop the project vision. Discuss the health and environmental needs within your community, and select an activity that addresses specific community needs or inequities.
2. Implement
Complete the “neighborhood partnering” activities you planned, including communities, businesses, schools and neighborhood groups. Document the activities with photographs and videos.
3. Apply
Fill out the program application and attach a description of your completed activity, including pictures, fliers/publications, photos, other promotional materials and a list of participating partner organizations. Email your application to the Small Business Ombudsman.
In this program we will recognize businesses and community groups that share socially and environmentally responsible activities that make a difference locally.
Communities, businesses, schools and neighborhood groups organize and plan a “neighborhood partnering” activity.
Activity categories
  • Environmental and/or health improvements.
  • Education and mentoring.


We want to sing your praises for your dedication to improving your community. Once your project is complete, take a few moments to fill out an application and tell us about your project. If you have pictures, send those, too. Remember: this is about teamwork, so make sure and tell us what schools, organizations or neighborhoods groups helped make this project a success. 

Programs will be recognized quarterly. Winning projects will receive a certificate and will be promoted through social media and on our website. The next recognition deadline is June 30, 2018. 

Small Business Ombudsman
Application (fillable PDF)
Note: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the application.