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FY19 Request for Applications - Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Highway Safety Office Traffic Safety Grants
The application period for the FY19 HSO Traffic Safety Grants is open and is being announced through the CDOT, HSO FY19 Request for Applications, Traffic Safety Grants.
Approximately $5 million is available per year and applications are for a three-year grant period. Funding for the second and third years in the three-year funding cycle is based on satisfactory performance, adherence to the program specifications, the availability of funding and the submission of required second and third year application and budget updates.
The purpose of these funds is to fund programs to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries resulting from traffic crashes on Colorado roads.


Disclaimer: The CDPHE is merely hosting the RFA and Application on their website for the CDOT, HSO. This is not a CDPHE grant, nor will grants be administered through the CDPHE. All inquires need to be directed to the contact person listed on the RFA.

How to Apply - Download the full application packet here.

Complete the full application packet and submit no later than 3:00 PM on April 16, 2018 to


Watch a recording of the technical assistance webinar that took place on March 14, 2018 here.


Application resources

Schedule of activities

March 9, 2018                           Release date for RFA

March 14, 2018                         Technical assistance webinar

April 16, 2018 by 3:00 PM          Applications Due

May 7, 2018                              Final Application Selection

By May 14, 2018                        Notification of Funding Decisions

May 21, 2018                             Reconsideration Requests Due

May 25, 2018                             Notification of Final Reconsideration Decisions

On or after October 1, 2018       Project Start Date

Safe roads are important to everyone so we can all enjoy the great things Colorado has to offer. Colorado has laws to keep the roads safe, yet many of those laws aren't in line with national recommendations for safety.
The 2018 Problem Identification Report includes information about all the crashes on Colorado roadways, including bicycles, pedestrians, impaired driving, seat belts, speed-related crashes and more. This report, created in partnership between us and the Colorado Department of Transportation, provides statewide and county-level data on motor vehicle crashes and fatalities, and suggests effective intervention strategies. The new 2018 Problem Identification Dashboard provides motor vehicle crash data by the county and Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council region (RETAC) where crashes occur in the state of Colorado (link below).