Methamphetamine labs cleanup regulations and statute

  1. On the Secretary of State web page, click on "Colorado Revised Statutes" under the "Help and Resources" heading.
  2. Open the Title menu, then follow the path provided under each topic below to view the specific Article.
  • Title 25, Article 18.5, Part 1 Illegal drug laboratories.
    • Title 25. Public health and environment > Environmental control > Article 18.5. illegal drug laboratories.
  • Title 38, Article 35.7, Section103 Disclosure - methamphetamine laboratory.
    • Title 38. Property - real and personal > Real property > Article 35.7. Disclosures required in connection with conveyances of residential real property > 38-35.7-103. Disclosure - methamphetamine laboratory.

The regulations were revised to update the existing regulatory language and create a training and certification program for individuals involved in meth lab cleanup as required by 25-18.5-102 CRS.