Medical Marijuana Rulemaking

Permanent rulemaking hearing set for Sept. 18
Updated Aug. 30
Emergency rules and new laws effective Aug. 2
On July 17, 2019 the Colorado Board of Health adopted emergency rules to 5 CCR 1006-2, Medical use of Marijuana to align with 2019 legislation. The new laws and emergency rules take effect Aug. 2. There are a few important changes:
More providers can recommend medical marijuana to treat disabling medical conditions.
Advanced practice practitioners with prescriptive authority including dentists, physician assistants, podiatrists, optometrists and advanced nurse practitioners with prescriptive authority will be able to recommend medical marijuana to treat disabling medical conditions only. These conditions include Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and any condition for which a physician could prescribe an opioid. Before, only physicians with an MD or a DO could recommend medical marijuana. 
Providers can recommend medical marijuana in lieu of opioids.
Physicians and advanced practice practitioners with prescriptive authority will be able to use the online system to recommend medical marijuana instead of an opioid. 

Recommending providers will be able to decide the registration period for cards issued to treat disabling conditions.
The minimum registration period is 60 days and the maximum is one year. 
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