Medical Marijuana Online Registration System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Data Access and Security
Caregivers and Cultivation
For questions related to marijuana enforcement and MED regulations (such as METRC, point of sale, licensed center requirements, plant count and grow regulations) please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.
Centers and Cultivation
For questions related to marijuana enforcement and MED regulations (such as METRC, point of sale, licensed center requirements, plant count and grow regulations) please contact the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

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Q: I am a patient. When should I renew online?
A: Existing patients should wait to register in the new system until it is time to renew their annual medical marijuana card up to 30 days prior to your card expiring. If a patient has a caregiver, they can choose to register in the new system prior to their renewal date.

Q: I am a caregiver. When should I sign up in the new system?
A: All medical marijuana caregivers should register starting in January 2017.

Q:  I am a physician who recommends medical marijuana. How do I get access to my online account?
A: Physicians who currently recommend medical marijuana have a pre-registered account set up in the system.  Information on accessing this account has been sent to all physician email addresses currently on file with the registry. In an effort to maintain the security and confidentiality of physician accounts, physicians are required to complete and email a confidentiality agreement form to the registry. This form was sent to all physician email accounts on file with the registry. If you are a physician and did not receive a copy of the confidentiality agreement form, please email Physician account information must only be shared with the physician; not general office staff or other clinicians.
To gain access to your physician account, you must complete the following steps:
  1. Complete a Physician Access Agreement and email it to: with the subject line:  Physician TS.
  2. You will receive an email containing the following information in early January 2017:
  • URL to the new online system
  • User Name
 Q: Will the Medical Marijuana Registry continue to accept paper applications?
A: The registry will continue to accept paper applications. Paper applications take 6-8 weeks to process. Online registration provides benefits, such as faster processing time, the ability for patients to track the status of their application in real time, and the ability for patients to print their own registry card immediately upon approval. 
Q: Do I have to use an email address in order to register?
A: Yes, you will need to enter an email address to register in the system. The email address you enter will be used to send confidential notifications to you regarding registry status and other important updates. Patients, physicians, and caregivers should use a private, personal email account when registering in the system.
 Q. What characters does my password need to include?
A. Your account password must be at least 8 characters long and include:
  • Capital letter
  • Lowercase letter
  • Symbol
  • Number

Your password must be different than the last 10 passwords you used. 

Q. What should I do if I am having trouble loading the registration website?
A. First, check the website URL to make sure it is entered correctly without any extra characters or spaces. Be sure to use this URL:
You may also try clearing your internet browser history or rebooting your router.
Follow these steps to reboot your router
  1. Unplug the router
  2. Wait approximately 30 seconds
  3. Plug the router back in and allow it to turn on
Q: Can a physician or center help patients register in the new system?
A: The registry does not recommend that patients share their login information with others. Sharing personal online account information could lead to a breach of confidential patient information. Patients have the right to choose to share their personal online account information with others; however, the registry is not liable in the event that this person(s) misrepresents or breaches patient information.
Q: Can I save my application and complete it at a later date?
A: Patients may save a draft of their application at any point in the registration process and return to complete it at a later time.
Q. What information will I be able to change?
A. You will be able to update your patient registration information until you add a physician certification. After you add your physician certification you will not be able to update any information until your registration is approved. 
Once approved, you will be able to change your address, phone number, email address, and cultivation information by logging in to your account. You will not be able to change your name, social security number, birthday, gender or driver's license information after you submit your application. If you need to change any of this information, please contact us.
Q. How do I add a caregiver or change my cultivation option?

A. If you have online access and want to add a caregiver or change your cultivation option: 

  1. Log in to your account by entering your username and password;
  2. Select your name;
  3. Select the "Cultivation Information" tab;
  4. Select the line that says "Active"
  5. Within the agreement, go to the bottom of the page and select "Terminate"
  6. Click the cultivation information tab and select "New"
  7. Choose your new cultivation option 
  8. Enter the cultivation information and select "Submit"
If you have a caregiver, your card will show their name once they accept your caregiver agreement

If you applied by mail and want to add a caregiver: 

  1. Download and complete a request for online access. Put the username you want for your account under “username.”
  2. Email the form and a copy of your Colorado driver’s license or ID
  3. to Use the subject line “Online Access Request – Add Caregiver”
  4. We will send you an encrypted email with a temporary password. 
  5. Follow the steps above to add a caregiver if you have online access. 
Q: Does the online system collect the same information as the paper forms? 
A: Yes. The current paper forms collect the same data in the same order as the new online system. There are some minor differences in how questions are phrased or formatted online. For example, if you check a box, additional information may “pop up.” If you do not check a box, you may not see additional questions or data fields that do not apply to your situation.
Q:  Can patients register online and mail in the physician form?   
A:  No, all physician certifications must be submitted online effective August 1, 2017.  If a patient needs to apply by mail, the physician must still submit the certification online and provide the patient with a paper printout of the certification for their record. The patient is not required to mail a paper certification with their application. 
Q. How do I add a physician certification?
A. The “Status” box next to your name on the homepage will tell you where your registration is in the process.
  1. Select the "Awaiting Physician Certification” line;
  2. Select the "Physician Certification" tab on the top panel;
  3. Select the button that says "New";
  4. Using the drop-down, select the certification;
  5. Select "Save.
If you do not see your certification in the drop-down, please verify that all the information in your patient registration is correct. If you find you have made an error, make the change and click “save and submit application.” Then follow the steps above to add your physician certification.
Q: How do I get access to my medical marijuana card?
A: Patients will receive an email once the registry approves their application. Once approved, patients can print their card on regular printer paper, similar to an airline boarding pass. The card must be presented with the patient’s or caregiver’s photo ID, as is currently required.
Q: Will online applications be rejected? If so, will I know why my application was rejected?

A: The online system will prompt applicants to fill out required fields prior to submitting an application. If required information is missing, applicants will receive an immediate error message telling them to complete the blank or incorrect fields. 

The most common reasons for rejection in the online system will be for invalid forms of identification or outdated or incorrect documentation (court documents, etc). If an application is rejected, the patient will receive an email notification instructing them to log into their account and review the information in the “Notifications” tab. The Notifications tab will provide applicants with detailed information including the reason(s) for the rejection and how to resolve it.

To Check your registration status using the online system, please review the steps below:
  1. Log in to your MMRS account by entering your username and password;
  2. The “Status” box next to your name on the home page will tell you where your registration is in the process;
  3. If your status is listed as “Active” you may print your card by selecting the “Active” line; 
  4. On the top left side of the screen, a blue “Print Card” icon will appear;
  5. Print your card at home or access it on a mobile device;
        NOTE: Please refer to our FAQ regarding Apple mobile device access.
  6. If your status is listed as “Awaiting Correction” you need to provide additional information or documentation for your registration to be processed;
  7. To see what correction is necessary, select the “Awaiting Correction” line;
  8. Select the “Patient Notification” tab on the top panel; 
  9. Select the line “Your Patient Registration Requires Additional Information”;
  10. Select the PDF link at the bottom or review the message to see what additional information needs to be provided; 
  11. Gather required documentation and create one email with all of the necessary documentation as PDF or JPEG files;
  12. Email the information to being sure to include your full name and the subject line “CORRECTIONS”;
  13. Once the Registry has received your corrected documentation, please allow up to 5 business days to see your registration status change;
  14. To check your registration status, log in to your MMRS account and review the “status” line next to your name on the home screen;
  15. If your status is listed as “Active” you may print your card by selecting the “Active” line; (REFER TO STEPS 3-5 ABOVE) 
  16. You will NOT receive a card in the mail if you have applied and been approved online; you MUST print your card or display it on your mobile device if shopping.
Q: I am trying to apply for a tax-exempt waiver and have a negative federal adjusted gross income on my Colorado tax return.  The system will not let me put in a negative amount, what should I enter in?  
A: You may enter “0” in the Fee Waiver/Tax Exempt section of the Payment tab during registration. 
Q: I am a physician and I have registered on the online system.  If I submit physician certifications online can my patients still use the paper process to apply?

A: Yes.  If you are a physician and submit a physician certification online but your patient would like to apply by paper, please provide the patient with the print out of the physician certification so that they can include it in their application packet. 

Q: Does it cost more to apply by paper than it does to apply online?

A: Yes.  When applying online you will pay the $15.00 processing fee and a $1.10 online transaction fee which is a total of $16.10.  When applying by paper you will pay the $15.00 processing fee and a $3.30 certified mailing fee which is a total of $18.30.

Q: How do I unlock my account?

A: Use the reset password feature to unlock your account.
Q: How do I get technical support?

A: For technical assistance with locked accounts or help resetting your password please call (303) 692-2184. For other support items email using the following subject lines:
  • Physician TS (Physician Technical Support)
  • Patient TS (Patient Technical Support)
  • Caregiver TS  (Caregiver Technical Support)
  • Providing Corrected Documentation - YOUR LAST NAME 
  • Requesting Online Access
Q: My card is blank. How do I get it to show on my Apple device?

A: If your card is blank and you are using a mobile or Apple device, please follow the steps below:

If you have iOS 11 software on your device:

  1. Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader App for iOS.
  2. Log into your medical marijuana online account using your internet browser and go to the patient registration screen
  3. Select the “Print Card” button and a blank card will populate in the Safari window
  4. At the bottom of the screen, select the box with an arrow coming out of the top 
  5. Select "Copy to Adobe Acrobat" 
  6. The Adobe Acrobat app should open automatically or select the Adobe Acrobat app and select the appropriate file to display your card correctly.
If you have a different version of iOS software on your device: 
  1. Log into your medical marijuana online account using the internet browser safari and go to the patient registration screen
  2. Select the “Print Card” button
  3. At the bottom of the screen select the box with an arrow coming out of the top.
  4. Select the “print” option
  5. Once the card loads, zoom into the card and your information should be listed.
  6. Take a screen shot of your card by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time.
Q: How do I submit my online payment? 

A:  Follow these steps: 

  1. Login to your patient registration
  2. Click on the “Payment” tab
  3. Click “New”
  4. Click on the blue “Click Here To Pay” button to pay via credit card or electronic check
  5. Complete all the remaining and required fields to finalize your request

If the steps above do not work, please try using a different machine. Please note that the system works best in IE 10, IE, 11, and Chrome.


Q:  I paid my processing fee online my bank shows that it has been processed but my application shows that it is still in a “pending payment” status. Has my application gone through? 

A: To ensure your application is submitted correctly log into your account, click on the “Patient Registration” tab, then click on the “Save and Submit Registration” button at the bottom of the screen.
Q. How are card issue and expiration dates determined?
A. The issue and expiration dates on your card are based on the day your application was approved.
Q. How do I submit my corrected documentation online?

A. You can now submit application corrections through the online system. 

View step-by-step picture instructions or follow the steps below. 
  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the “Notifications tab” to review all notification letters and all requested documentation 
  3. Click the “Corrected Documentation” tab 
  4. Click “new”
  5. Upload your corrected documents
  6. Type your name to sign the form
  7. Click “save”
  8. Click the “Patient Registration” tab
  9. Click "save and re-submit registration"
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Q. Is my Information secure?
A: The Medical Marijuana Registry (MMR) has worked with the Governor’s Office of Information Technology to develop a secure online system for patients, caregivers, and physicians. The system meets all state and federal standards for confidentiality, accessibility, and security. Information provided to the Registry is never sold to third parties.  

The Registry is confidential, and information is only available to patients, physicians, and caregivers. To maintain the confidentiality and security of protected health information, account holders should not share their username or password with anyone, including family members, friends, physician or dispensary office staff, or any other person. 

Q: Who has access to my information?
A: The new online medical marijuana system fully integrates patient, physician, and caregiver information while continuing to protect and secure confidential information accessible only to those agencies with the legal authority to access registry data.

Patient and Physician Information
Patient and physician information will remain in a secure and confidential database and will be accessible only by designated employees of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment per Colorado law. This information will not be shared with or accessible by the Department of Revenue or any other entity. Law enforcement will have the ability to confirm patient status in the medical marijuana registry only if a patient is approached or arrested by a state or local law enforcement officer, just as the process works now. 
Caregiver Information
Caregiver information will be housed in a separate confidential database. Senate Bill 15-014 requires all medical marijuana caregivers to register with the Department of Revenue (DOR) starting on January 1, 2017. Starting in 2017, the DOR is permitted to verify the location of a primary caregiver cultivation or transportation address with a local government or law enforcement agency upon receiving an address-specific request for verification. 

Q: What type of patient information will caregivers see?
A: Caregivers will be able to track the total number of patients assigned to them using a unique patient ID and the total plant count for cultivation and/or transportation assigned to this unique patient ID number. Caregivers will not be able to see patient names or other identifying information to protect data confidentiality.
Q: Will medical marijuana centers and law enforcement accept this new card format?
A: Yes, medical marijuana centers and law enforcement agencies have been notified of the change to the card format. Medical marijuana cards must be presented with the patient’s or caregiver’s photo ID when shopping at a center. Law enforcement may use the barcode to verify cards as necessary and permitted by law.
Q: I work at a physician’s office and do administrative work for my physician.  Can you give me their account information so that I can assist them in registering in the new system?
A: No. Physicians must create and manage their own accounts. Physicians should not share their confidential account information with anyone including their office accounts. If your physician is having problems with their account please have them send an email with the subject line “Physician TS” to:

Q: I work at a physician’s office and do administrative work for my physician. Can I sign and submit an access and confidentiality agreement for my physician?  Can you give me their account information and I will share it with them? 
A: No. pursuant to state law, only a physician can make a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana and submission of a recommendation for a patient to use medical marijuana in the MMRS can only come from the physician.
Q. What are cache and cookies?
A. Each time you access any website file through your web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), the browser caches (i.e., stores) information so it doesn't have to keep retrieving the same files or images from the remote web site each time you click Back or Forward. You should periodically clear the cache to allow your browser to function more efficiently. This is a best practice, and applies to all websites.

A “cookie” is a file created by a web browser, at the request of a web site, that is stored on a computer. These files typically store user-specific information such as selections in a form, shopping cart contents, or authentication data. Browsers will normally clear cookies that reach a certain date, but clearing them manually may solve problems with web sites or your browser.

A browser's “history” is a log of sites that you visit. When you press a browser's Back button, you are moving back one entry in the history log. Browsers will normally clear history at regular intervals, but you may want to clear it manually for privacy and performance reasons.

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Q: How do I renew my caregiver registration?
A: To renew your caregiver registration log into your account and click “save and re-submit registration."
Caregivers must renew their caregiver registration annually. Failure to renew annually will result in revoked patient counts and removal from the system.

Q: Why do caregivers need to register with the Department of Revenue?
A: Senate Bill 15-014 redefined caregiver roles and requires caregivers to register with the Department of Revenue (DOR) starting on January 1, 2017. The new online system enables caregivers to register information with the Department of Revenue to be in compliance with this new law.

Q: Why are there different types of caregivers listed in the system?
A: Four different types of caregivers were defined in SB15-014:
  1. Parents of minor patient (parent of patient under the age of 18).
  2. Advising Caregivers (provide advice on medicinal use of marijuana only).
  3. Transporting Caregivers (transport marijuana for homebound patients).
  4. Cultivating Caregivers (grow marijuana on behalf of patient(s).
Only transporting and cultivating caregiver types are required to register with DOR.
Q: As a caregiver, how many plants can I cultivate for my patients?
A: Cultivating caregivers can cultivate up to 99 plants for medical marijuana patients. If caregivers cultivate more than 99 plants, they will be required to register with DOR as a licensed business. (A licensed medical marijuana business cannot also register as a primary caregiver.) Caregivers must register the address of all cultivation and transportation locations with the DOR along with the number of patients and plant/ounce count associated with each address.

Q: As a patient, how many plants can I cultivate for myself?
A: Patients are allowed to cultivate the number of plants recommended by their physician; however, Senate Bill 15-014 limits patients to cultivating no more than 99 plants. Patients cultivating above the standard 6 plants/2 ounces are encouraged, but not required, to register with the Department of Revenue’s caregiver registry. 
Q: As a patient, can I sign up to cultivate a portion of my plants and assign a caregiver to cultivate the rest?
A: Yes, if a patient chooses a cultivating caregiver, the patient will enter the number of plants that the caregiver can cultivate for them, and the number of plants they want to cultivate for themselves, as long as this number does not exceed the number of plants listed on the physician certification form. The system will prevent the patient or caregiver from entering a plant or ounce count greater than what the physician has recommended.

Q: Can I register some of my plants with a dispensary and some of them with a caregiver? 
A: A patient cannot have both a designated caregiver and medical marijuana center cultivating medical marijuana on his or her behalf at any given time. See C.R.S. 25-1.5-106 and Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division regulations. The only exception is for parents of a minor child. Parents are considered a “primary caregiver” for the minor patient, but they can now legally obtain marijuana from a cultivating caregiver OR from a center. 
An adult patient’s cultivation options are listed below:
  • A patient can cultivate all of their medical marijuana themselves.
  • A patient can cultivate a portion themselves and have a caregiver cultivate the rest.
  • A patient can cultivate a portion themselves and have a center cultivate the rest.
  • A patient can have a caregiver cultivate all of their medical marijuana.
  • A patient can have a center cultivate all of their medical marijuana.
Q: What happens if a patient changes their caregiver?
A: If a patient changes their caregiver or plant count designation, the caregiver will receive an electronic notification and information will be updated in the caregiver system in real time. 

Q: Can a cultivating caregiver be the same as the transporting caregiver? Can they be two separate caregivers?
A: Patients who are either homebound or minors (under the age of 18) may select the services of both a cultivating and transporting caregiver. The cultivating and transporting caregiver can be the same person, or patients may choose to have one caregiver to cultivate their medical marijuana and a different caregiver to transport it. Only homebound and minor patients can have a transporting caregiver.
Q: I am a parent and “primary caregiver” for a minor patient. Do I need to register in the caregiver registry?
A: Parents/legal guardians of minor children listed as the “primary caregiver” do not need to register in the Caregiver Registry unless they are cultivating more than 36 plants for the patient. Parents cultivating fewer than 36 plants are encouraged to register their cultivation location in the Caregiver Registry, but this is not required. 
As a result of SB15-014, parents of minor patients listed as the “primary caregiver” can designate another caregiver to cultivate and/or transport marijuana on the minor’s behalf. If a cultivating and/or transporting caregiver is selected, this caregiver must register in the Caregiver Registry. 
Parent information will be printed on the patient’s card as will the cultivating and/or transporting caregiver’s information if another caregiver is designated under the “Caregiver” section of the patient card (right-hand side).
Q: I am registered online as a caregiver, do I still have to keep copies of my patient’s paperwork in my possession?
A: Yes, caregivers should maintain printed copies of their caregiver agreements, from the new online system, and copies of their patients’ application documentation if they applied by paper.
The new online Caregiver Registry was launched in January of 2017. We anticipate that it will take approximately one year for all caregiver agreements to be implemented online, as existing patient registrations expire and they renew using the new online Medical Marijuana Registry System. When patients renew they will be able to request their caregiver’s services by submitting an online caregiver agreement using their caregiver’s registration ID.  
During this transitional period we recommend that caregivers maintain printed copies of their caregiver agreements, from the new online system, and copies of their patients’ application documentation if they applied by paper.
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Q: Do patients still need to provide paperwork to purchase marijuana from a center?
A: Patients who choose to have a licensed medical marijuana center cultivate marijuana on their behalf will need to provide the center with a copy of the physician certificate that documents the patient’s approved plant and ounce count. The physician certificate can be printed by the patient or by the physician from the online system to provide to the licensed center.
Q: Can I shop at a medical dispensary before I have my card?
A: Yes, a new patient will be able to print their physician certificate and patient application from the system and present this to a licensed medical marijuana center to purchase medical marijuana prior to being approved by the registry, just as the process works now.
Once the electronic application is submitted to the registry, eligible applicants will be approved and can print their own card in one week or less rather than waiting up to 35 days using the paper registration process. 
Q: Can I change my cultivation options from a caregiver to a medical marijuana center online?
A: Yes. Patients can log into their online account and terminate a caregiver agreement at any time in order to select a new caregiver or to choose “center” as a cultivation option. The Colorado Department of Revenue’s (DOR) Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) regulates medical marijuana centers. Center data is not maintained in the patient or caregiver registries. Patients who choose to obtain marijuana from a licensed center must complete the forms required by the medical marijuana center and the MED. The Registry does not track what center a patient is registered with. The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) at the Department of Revenue tracks center information in their Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance (METRC) system. For more information you can visit their website, or you may call them directly at: 303-205-8421.

Patients are only required to inform the registry if adding or removing a caregiver or cultivating their own plants.

Q: Can I change from one center to another online?
A: No. Licensed center information, including center cultivation, is tracked through the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance System (METRC). Patients must work directly with the medical marijuana center to sign up for their services. 
Q: I am homebound. Can I purchase marijuana from a center and also have a caregiver to transport my product to my home address?
A: If a center is designated to cultivate for a homebound or minor patient, a primary (parent) or transporting caregiver must be assigned to transport from the center to the patient’s home. If a patient has designated a center to cultivate their marijuana, they cannot also have a cultivating caregiver. Only minor or homebound patients can have a transporting caregiver. 



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