Medical marijuana application tips

Follow these tips to help make sure your application is processed quickly. 
1. Gather all required documents before applying 
  • Review this list to be sure you have everything you need before you begin the application process
  • Invalid ID’s, expired ID’s  and un-certified documents will not be accepted
2. Avoid locking yourself out of your account
  • When setting up your account, choose a username and password that are easy to remember
  • After 3 incorrect password attempts your account will be locked
  • Locked accounts can only be unlocked by emailing with your username
3. Submit correct information 
Physician Certification
During your appointment, ask your doctor to verify that all information on your physician certification is correct. Physicians can make updates to information on physician certifications at any time. 
Double-check that the information on your application is correct before clicking submit. Once you click submit, your application is sent to the registry for review.  Revisions cannot be made while your application is being reviewed by the registry.  
Make a correction
Email if you entered incorrect information on your application and need to make a correction 
  • Use the subject line "Patient correction" 
  • Include a copy of your Colorado ID or driver's license to correct your name or birthday 
  • Include a copy of your signed social security card to correct your social security number