Media contacts

If you are a member of the press who needs a response, please use the following contacts:
If you don’t know whom to contact, start here!
Media line: 303-691-7870
You can also contact a specific division:
Air Pollution Control 
Andrew Bare, 303-692-3445,
720-425-2736 (mobile)
Center for Health and Environmental Data
Kirk Bol: 303-692-2170,   
Medical Marijuana Registry 
Mariah LaRue: 303-691-4013,
Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology
Shannon Barbare: 303-692-2036
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Media line: 303-691-7870
Environmental Health and Sustainability
Media line: 303-691-7870
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
Laura Dixon: 703-835-5875
Health equity
Alex Beyer: 303-692-2087,
Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services
Peter Myers: 303-692-2801
Laboratory Services Division
Media line: 303-691-7870
Planning, Partnerships and Improvement
Alex Beyer: 303-692-2087,
Prevention Services Division
Vanessa Bernal: 303-692-2156 
Water Quality Control Division
MaryAnn Nason: 303-692-6351
You may also contact:
Director of Communications Jessica Bralish
Mobile: 303-349-7527 (text messaging, preferred),
If you are a CDPHE employee who needs help with internal communications, please contact Gabi Johnston at or 303-692-2007.