Mattress and bedding information


Colorado law

The sale of bedding is regulated by the Bedding Act



  • No certification or registration is required for bedding materials sold in Colorado.
  • Approved labeling, legibly stamped or printed in English, must be securely sewn onto bedding before sale.
  • The label must include the name and address of the manufacturer or vendor, and the name of the materials used to fill the article of bedding.
  • Labels that meet federal requirements are more than adequate in Colorado.


What must be labeled

The Bedding Act requires approved labels on all bedding.

Bedding is defined as “any quilted pad, packing pad, mattress pad, hammock pad, mattress, comforter, bunk quilt, sleeping bag, box spring, studio couch, pillow, or cushion, any bag or container made of leather, cloth, or any other material, or any other device that is stuffed or filled in whole or in part with any concealed material in addition to the structural units and filling material used therein and its container, all of which can be used by any human being for sleeping or reclining purposes.” 

This includes:

  • Mattresses.
  • Foundations.
  • Futons.
  • Bed pillows.
  • Comforters.
  • Cushions.
  • Reclining chairs.
  • Sofas/loveseats.
  • Upholstered dual-purpose furniture. 

This doesn’t include:

  • Decorative pillows.
  • Dining room chairs.
  • Stuffed toys.
  • Exercise equipment cushions.
  • Bulk filling material.
  • Upholstered headboards. 


Secondhand bedding

Secondhand bedding must be:

  • Treated using an approved method of disinfection before sale.
  • Labeled, in English: “This mattress (or other bedding material) is secondhand.” 


Secondhand manufacturing materials

If secondhand materials are used to manufacture mattresses and bedding:

  • The materials must first be treated using an approved method of disinfection.
  • The mattress or bedding must be labeled, in English: “The materials used in the manufacture of this mattress (or other article of bedding) are previously used materials and have been disinfected.” 


Approved disinfection methods

  • Heat treatment reaching a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours. 
  • Use of an Environmental Protection Agency-registered disinfectant approved for use on porous surfaces such as mattresses or bedding according to EPA labeling.
    • Two examples of approved bedding disinfectants are Microban X-580 Institutional Spray (EPA Registration No. 70263-3) and Steri-Fab (EPA Registration No. 397-13).